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Company History

Go Pinestraw, Inc Is One Of The Carolinas Leading Pine Straw Providers.

Chris Williams, a North Carolina native, established GoPineStraw, Inc. in February of 2011. Following it’s inception, GoPineStraw has grown its operations to include the harvesting, delivering and spreading of pine straw throughout the Carolina’s and surrounding states.

The company owner, Chris Williams has a diverse background that has enabled GoPineStraw to become one of the Carolina’s leading pine straw providers. Chris was raised in the business, working as an equipment operator, dispatcher and account manager at his parents distribution business, CE&W Enterprises, Inc. Today, Chris still maintains a close relationship with his parents business, as the pair work together to fulfill the needs of their customers.

GoPineStraw provides consistent quality and reliable service. Through our cohesive network of harvesting crews, operators, and spreading crews we are able to maintain a large inventory, provide prompt delivery and timely spreading. We are confident you will be satisfied with our quality and customer service.

February 2011

GoPineStraw spun off and incorporated.

March 2011

We launched our triad area spreading service.

January 2012

We launched our production operation in Eastern North Carolina.

February 2012

We launch our triangle area spreading service.

March 2013

We launched our Charlotte Metro area spreading service.

August 2015

We launched our South Carolina region delivery and spreading service.