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We carefully source our raw materials to insure the quality of our products.

Carolina Long Leaf

Description:  Longleaf pine straw bales contain needles that range between 12″-15″ in length.  Longleaf pine straw is considered the premium variety of pine straw for landscaping use due to its rich, glossy auburn color.  In addition to its color, it has a longer useful life than the other varieties of pine straw because of its high resin content.
Bale Specs:  14 x 14 x 28 apprx. (hand baled)
Sourced:  North Carolina and South Carolina.

Slash Pine Straw

Description:  Our Slash pine straw bales consist of needles that range between 6″ – 9″ in length.  Slash pine straw is regarded as the economical alternative to longleaf pine straw due to its similar appearance but lesser price point.  In most markets, it is more readily available than its longleaf counterpart.
Bale Specs:  14 x 14 x 28 apprx. (hand baled)

Sourced:  Florida and Georgia

Wheat Straw

Description:  Our wheat straw bales are machine compressed and have a golden-yellowish color.  Wheat straw is a versatile product with many uses ranging from providing seed cover, assisting in erosion control, serving as a mulch for vegetable gardens, bedding for animals and much more.
Bale Specs:  18 x 14 x 34 apprx. (machine baled)
Sourced:  North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

We insure a quality product by overseeing production from start to finish.

Our Pine Straw Production Process